How to choose the right Makeup?

Nothing is more complicated than choosing the right makeup that suits your skin.In the makeup way, there are about thousands of different options for every type of skin. But to choose the right makeup is very necessary for the skin. To select the right makeup for your particular skin tone, examine your skin in the light eye. The very best way to test cosmetic products is to test under your collar bone. This actually gives you the perfect match to your body color.  Today, we’re explaining the best shades according to your skin tones that will help in choosing the right makeup/ cosmetic products. Just take your picks of favorite makeup products.

Some Cosmetic Products Tips


Nude- While you choose a nude lip color, try using the lipstick that matches the color of your inner lip.


This cosmetic should always be a shade lighter than your foundation.


Honey or golden shades of bronzer add cute warmth to your look without overpowering your makeup.


Your foundation shade must be a little warmer than your concealer.


Prefer shimmery, silvery or golden shades for highlighting your makeup.


Always make sure not to choose neither dark nor deep shade. Choose neutral yet subtle light colors of lipsticks to add charm to your glossier lips.

Select the right color & the right formula

The colors of your makeup do matter a lot! Colors may be as quite important as the formula & the type of product for choosing a good fit makeup for your skin tone.

1. Deep/ dark skin tone

For those with deeper skin tones, a dark colored foundation with a slightly reddish undertone will look best. Try to avoid ashy gray instead go for some chestnut, cappuccino or cocoa (coffee) shades cosmetics. A bronze highlighter will help in adding warmth & luminosity to your look.

Your rich skin tone can really look good with any bright color. Selecting from glossy pink lippies to jewel-toned purple shadow, cranberry or bright orange colored blush with an even subtle shimmery bronzer will be best to show off your dark skin.

2. Fair skin tone

Light skin with cool pink undertones looks best for getting a yellow-based makeup that helps in neutralizing them. A highlighter with lavender or some silvery shade will help in brightening out your skin without even washing out your makeup.

3. Light skin tone

Those with lighter tones of skin are as fair & flawless like just snow.  Your ivory skin looks best on light color like soft pink, coral red, creamy, vanilla & peachy shades to enhance your beauty.  Keep your colors, a touch warmer than fair and avoid red or orange undertones. Go for a slightly dark yet yellow-based foundation for an amazing appearance.

4. Tan skin tone

‘Warm’ is a word for that suits tan skin tone. So try some tints of yellow, bronze, olive green & orange shade cosmetics to balance out our complexion. Select a matte bronzer with similar undertones to your skin.

5. Medium skin tone

People with medium skin tone have just enough warmth to flaunt off a natural glow. Shades like golden brown, honey shades, lavender, rich blue shadows & bronze can work best for showing your even complexion with the help of bronzers & highlighters and also make your pop eyes bright.

Neutral shades can work best as the skin type is neither too warm nor too cold. But avoid dark orange & gray color instead go for sand or beige shade.

6. Olive skin tone

Don’t worry about your beautiful skin color shade of gold, while playing out in the sun. Your skin complexion always looks radiant, healthy & glowing. All you have to do is to enhance out natural tone of your skin before going outside. Some of those playful shades consist Rosy pink or warm, Peach blush and many more to give a slight tint of shimmer on your cheekbones.

Always choose cosmetics of right shade with a non-sticky waterproof formula according to your particular skin tone. While applying nail paint, lipstick, lip balm, eye shadow, or any other colorful cosmetic, be sure to select the right option that matches to your skin type.

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