About Us


Mattlook Cosmetics, a subsidiary of Little Profit Trading Company, was formed in 2017. It aims to keep the country at the forefront with the latest cosmetic trend and at an affordable price.

Taking the legacy forward, Mattlook Cosmetics is brainchild of Sonal Jain and his son Yashu Jain. Although the family has been into the cosmetics business for over 35 years, the young leaders are now taking the baton forward keeping abreast with the new fashion trends and evolving needs.

In a short span, the brand acceptance is good especially with housewives, students, college & office going girls. As a young and an energetic entrepreneur, Yashu Jain firmly believes in striking a perfect product price balance and without compromising on quality so that everybody has an access to quality fashion; also in the recent past the brand has been successful in changing the concept of cosmetic picking from high end and expensive brands. The brand endeavours to bridge the gap for the middle class people for whom luxury cosmetics are aspirational brands. With Mattlook women now have access to quality and in vogue products.

As the economy is growing, concurrently the income is rising too which is accelerating the living standards. There is a penchant for anything related to fashion which is becoming imperative to possess to be a part of the social circles and hangouts. It’s not just the celebrities, A- listers or the page 3; even the middle class women want to be in the same boat and want to replicate the trend. They do not want to get spotted wearing the same clothes, shoes, bags or watches and make-up is no exception!

Although there is an increase in income but the disposable income is not increasing at the same rate making expensive, high end and trending brands aspirational. Mattlook is tapping on this new trend amongst the middle class.

Keeping pace with the fashion trend and quality Mattlook is carving is its own niche today. With a pan India presence it has its own retail outlets and over 100+ retailer distribution across all metropolitan cities.

Mattlook product range boasts of lipstick, eyeliner, kohl, mascara, makeup kit, nail paint and complete cosmetic range in the makeup segment. The products quality matches to the international brands and adaptable to the market.

The brand has its own R & D team in Delhi and Mumbai. It has over 150 different products and approximately 5000 SKUs.